My sincere thanks to everyone who helped get to this point in the election process. Efforts to get to this night started last October. Many people contributed their time and provided financial support to make this possible.

First, I would like to commend my opponent. It is encouraging indeed to see the next generation stepping up. David Seamon is a compelling candidate who participated in a professional way and I compliment him for that. I personally hope that he will stay engaged in the political process and I am sure success is in his future. I would be happy to help him in any way as he moves in that direction. We need young, energetic candidates to step up and participate at all levels of government–from municipal, to county, to state and federal positions. Those of us who have served have a duty and responsibility to provide guidance and assistance in order to pass on the knowledge and experience we have gained.

As I look forward to November—and hopefully the next four years as Presiding Commissioner—I see our biggest problems will be in how we manage continued population growth in the county and how we provide adequate infrastructure, jobs and public safety commensurate with that growth. In some respects, we are fortunate to have these problems as many counties in the state are dealing with both declining population and revenue. But there is no safe space between decline and growth. And there is no wisdom in standing by and hoping things will work out on their own. We must be proactive in managing growth, infrastructure and public safety. The big challenge is using our limited resources to cover all the necessary bases. It is a delicate balance but I am proud of our efforts to run a steady ship as we combine the innovation of the future with the tried and proven strategies of the past.

I am proud to say that we have outstanding people in elected offices in the county. We are blessed with people who work hard and take pride in their respective roles. I believe that your County Commission sets the standard for diligence, professionalism, hard work and commitment to the highest level of public service and I intend to continue to uphold that standard.

In a few days we will begin efforts to prepare for the General Election and once again I will need your help and support. It’s an understatement to say that public sentiment is very strong at the state and federal levels going into the General Election. The voices are louder and more intemperate than ever. Whether or not the intensity of the state and federal races boils over into local races is yet to be seen. My effort will be to run a campaign based on my experience and accomplishments of the last 6 years–without the rancor that seems to surround us—and to discuss how I envision the future of Boone County.

The General Election is November 6th. I will need each of you and everyone with whom you interact to be successful. This is not the time to disengage. This is the time to step it up. It falls to each of us to do everything we can to ensure a bright and steady future for Boone County. I’ll be reaching out to you for your support and I hope you will reach out to me with your thoughts and questions.

Thank each and every one of you for all you have done, for what I hope you will continue to do, and thank you for remaining civically engaged in Boone County.